In the early 2000’s, Karinna started her career off working at a local gym. Quickly realizing that choosing a healthier way of life was a passion of hers, Karinna decided to make health and wellness her main focus.  After working with a wide variety of personal training clients, she wanted to narrow her clientele down to working with women and youth. She quickly became pre and post-natal certified, and her love of babies got her following up with being a Doula.  Karinna believes that “nutrition is the forefront of building a healthy, happy mom and baby – as well as foundationally growing strong roots towards health as an adult” Therefore she completed her Registered Holistic Nutritionist diploma so that she could better assist both her clients and herself.

It was during her schooling with CSNN that she found her calling. Her end goal is to not only work one on one with clients, but also use her business background to work towards changing systems that are in place and no longer working for our current society.  Karinna says that she “doesn’t ever blame or judge parents for not  raising their children on healthier, whole foods diets. The root cause is often found in the lack of education people have on not only nutrition, but physical and mental health in the first place.” This is where her expertise comes in; Karinna is well versed in teaching families, and youth about the importance of choosing (and obtaining) a more balanced lifestyle. Perhaps in the future it will look like her working with the government and school systems?! Only time will tell.

Karinna’s past experience includes (but is not limited to) travelling to Hawaii where she studied under naturopathic doctors and facilities that focused on youth struggling with depression, anxiety and food disorders, facilitating nutritional workshops and hosting mind-body retreats. Karinna is now residing in Vancouver, BC where she now has a family of her own!  You can find her hosting retreats or working one on one with clients online from all around the world.  

Every piece of I.T.I’s individual packages is jammed packed full of knowledge, guidance, experience and love! Karinna will create unique fusion packages for you that embody health and mental wellbeing, along with fitness and nutrition that are tailored to the needs of each individual client.


Whether you are dealing with anxiety or depression, require pre or post natal care, or are in need of nutrition or rehabilitation plans, we have the program for you. Through her simplistic approach towards fitness, nutrition and life, working one on one with Karinna gives you a feeling of being supported, but also has you calm throughout your journey.

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