Below are some true testaments from past clients.

There's nothing more satisfying for me than hearing my clients success stories and the impact that their

journey to Ithaka has had on their life!


This beautiful soul saved my life!

I didn't know what "good" felt like until working with Karinna. She knew exactly what my body needed and gave me the tools and guidance to bring about big changes. It's been so doable and she's held me accountable every day. I now know what good feels like! After just a month I’m full of energy, mental clarity, my digestive system is functioning 100x better, no feelings of anxiety, I'm losing inches all over, and I have reduced my antidepressant dosage successfully! Thank you Karinna for your love, support and guidance, you’ve changed my life!


Karinna truly cares about her clients and her friends and it shows . Karinna goes above and beyond to develop a plan that works best for YOU , it isn't a diet or exercise plan , it becomes a lifestyle ! I reached out to Karinna after we went through a pregnancy loss , we became pregnant again and I was on quite a few rounds of antibiotics on and off because of doctors misdiagnosis , Karinna developed a plan safe for me and baby to help me build back up the good bacteria my body was lacking from the over use of antibiotics. When diagnosed with gestational diabetes this pregnancy I was relieved to know I wouldn't need insulin or pills to control my sugars that because of the customized lifestyle and meal plan Karinna had made for me I would be fine just managing my sugars based on my current diet which meant less risk to me and my baby boy ! I was truly fed up and discouraged when I kept going to see doctors and they were so quick to just prescribe me pills or antibiotics half the time without even running proper tests so the fact that Karinna was more than willing and even excited to help me build back up my immunity and in turn help me and my babies health overall meant the world. I am so blessed she gave me the time of day and created a lifestyle I can now be proud of, my baby boy is only a few weeks away and I'm confident thanks to her he'll be just fine too :) Thanks so much Karinna we are so lucky to have had you on our side ❤️


I have known and worked with Karinna for awhile now. I met Karinna in Fort McMurray when she was my personal trainer and then most recently with Inward to Ithaka. Karinna is truly an amazing person with an amazing soul. She wants to help you period! She knows her stuff, she CAN help you, there is nothing you can throw at her where she won't turn it around into a positive and make it work! If you are thinking about making a change and want to make a change get in contact with Karinna and Inward to Ithaka. You may think how can Karinna make this work at a long distance but she can, she will hold you accountable!! She will build you a meal plan, she will build you an exercise program, depending on your experience level, Karinna will build it so listen to her! I am fortunate to have Karinna in my life, I consider her a friend and I'm grateful. So stop thinking about it and get ahold of her!! She really has helped me and the way I look at things now. You rock Karinna!! 5 stars!


Before working with Inward to Ithaka, I was one year post partum, had originally lost some of the baby weight but then gained a bunch back while mindlessly eating during school. I first started with Karinna when she offered up a 20 day fitness challenge. During those first 20 days, I gained back a love for exercise that had been lost years before I was pregnant. Through hard work and Karinna's gentle motivation I saw major changes after the fitness challenge so I continued to work with her on a more personal level. 
Through good days and bad, injuries and gains, Karinna has been there by my side supporting me in creating a new health and fitness lifestyle. Through working with her, I have gained the confidence and courage to begin training for the Woman 2 Warrior obstacle course at the end of September. Karinna has been so encouraging, she is even joining me on my team! Together we will tackle those obstacles like the Amazon Warriors we are ;)


Thorough and so informative. Karinna suggested FaceTime chatting since I recently moved from Canada to the US and I found this to be above and beyond attention. We are currently working a wellness plan for my post breast implant silicone toxicity in which my implants were removed and I needed a plan to detox my body of all heavy metals. Love her and love the system she uses! A+++++ 


Solutions that are personalized and considerate of the physical, nutritional and spiritual well being / health... like an all inclusive consultation that can be done from near and far!! Great! 


Understanding, patient, supportive, eager, confident. These are the attributes that I learned from Karinna to implement in my life. Understanding my lifestyle, being patient with my progress, supporting my own goals, becoming eager for the results, and confident in every little step I took.

Thank you love!


Karinna made me a very specific meal plan as I have a very busy lifestyle where I also eat out at restaurants a lot because of my job. She was so insightful, helpful and considerate to what I needed. The meal plan had me feeling better then I have in a very long time. My energy levels went up, my liver health got better and I even lost a little bit of weight! She also suggested some workouts that would help boost my metabolism, she knew to suggest the simple things that I didn't think about. Overall I feel so much healthier and better overall! Thank you so much!


Karinna asked me questions that went far beyond diet, exercise, and nutrition. She delved into my lifestyle, my aspirations, and the reasons why my energy might be depleted. A month later, I was eating better, sleeping longer, and feeling the boost of a more wholistic lifestyle. Through Karinna's gentle guidance, I eliminated parts of my life that weren't serving me, devoted my spare time to the activities that made me happy, and shifted my attitude towards exercise- why would I grumble at the "effort" of a nutritious and healthy lifestyle? I am so grateful for Karinna's presence in my journey; her empathy, beauty, strength, and courage to lead by example has made all the difference.


I had the pleasure of having Karinna work with me. The first thing I want to stress is how much time and effort that she put into coming up with possible solutions for my unique physical issues. I never once felt rushed along during any of the interviewing process. There was an obvious desire to help me and willingness to go over things until we got them right. I have taken what was taught me and have seen the differences. The knowledge that she brought to the table was extensive and flexible! Thanks Karinna!