Water Fasting Part: 1 - Why Did I Do it?

When I first used to hear people talking about fasting I thought "that's nice" and wanted nothing to do with it. Throughout my 13+ years in the health industry I have never fasted. I enjoy my food, in fact I love it, I am cranky without it and feel light-headed when I go too long without eating. Am I describing many of you reading this right now??

So what changed my mind then? Why am I all of a sudden thinking about taking the plunge into water fasting and what is intriguing me so much about it. Well, a lot has stemmed from the chronic headaches I have been experiencing in the last 2 1/2 years. I've been through more Dr's appointments, blood tests, food sensitivity testing, heavy metal testing, neurological appointments, and the list goes on. To this day - I still have no idea what is causing them, but I have a lot of idea's as what the possibilities may be (side effect of knowing too much in the field).

Oddly enough, chronic illness has been an area I enjoy working with and I soon felt myself falling into the category. In some sense I don't mind because I know I am experiencing everything I am for a reason. I had a hard pregnancy for a reason, I had severe endometriosis for a reason (thank god I can say had), and have lived through all of my life experiences and challenges for a reason. It has led me down the rabbit hole of gathering so much valuable information and experience that I am hoping it will one day turn me into a wonderfully insightful, experienced and empathetic doctor.

On my latest version of "what could the headaches be coming from", I had thought perhaps parasites or some form of gut dysbiosis. When talking to a friend she said that she had just concluded a water fast and was excreting parasites by day 6! My mind then thought - well, if it only takes 6 days to see some parasites perhaps I'll do it, and without thinking twice about it 2 hours later I was fasting.

Now I don't recommend anyone else doing it this way as I was definitely underprepared. The longest I had ever fasted was 24 hours roughly 3 months ago. I have also never done intermittent fasting because, I honestly couldn't (zero will power), but I trusted myself enough since I can strongly say I intuitively listen to and am often guided by my body. Please note: I do not recommend anyone going past 3 days without being guided by a doctor and having prepped themselves for committing to the before and after stages (which I will speak about later). I initially had 9-10 days in mind when I began but broke out of the fast 3 days in because of the research and information I found, and knew I wanted to respectfully prep my body better than stretch it to its limits (in an unhealthy manner).

I have to say though, in such a short time the experience changed my viewpoint on fasting 360 degrees. For the right people I believe this is a wonderful thing. I have been hearing recently that the carnivore diet is said to be the "ultimate elimination diet" but there is nothing that sits right to me about it. Why not water fasting?? To me that is the answer.

In short, it was the most transformational thing I have physically done in a while. It allowed my mind to sync with and sink into my body like never before. Perhaps I am finally in the right mind frame for it? Or perhaps it has just been the right timing during quarantine. Either way, I am excited with all I have come to learn, and all I am yet to explore. I do believe I will be completing a 9 day fast before the summer is over, but will be prepping my body for it before I begin. Treating it more like a ceremony, and finally begin giving my body the soulful nurturing, love and attention it so rightfully deserves.

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