CROWN CHAKRA// Spiritual Connection

The crown chakra (aka Sahasrara) is our spiritual connection to the divine. How we live out our lives and to what extent we choose to follow and listen to our guides will all be seen and felt here. All of our energy systems work together to keep us in alignment but it is here that we connect to a higher source and in which prayer becomes set in motion.

Here's a new way to think about your crown chakra - like an energetic vault. The bank of all banks that hold your energy money. If you were to check in with yourself at this moment how rich would you be? It is here that miracles are born from. It is this energy money that can give life to your palo santo, crystals, and sage. It is your banked up energy stores and sacred power that will allow you to channel the divine and create instantaneous healing, and it is what I call your crazy place.

Reason being?? You won't make sense to anyone when you live in this zone. If you are balanced in your crown chakra you will listen to the signs, signals and cues given from above that won't make sense to yourself or anyone else. This can make other people quite uncomfortable, which is why you really need to balance and strengthen each chakra leading up to your crown before you live in this space. If you feel you are in a time of deep depression, have fear of spiritual abandonment, a loss of connection to all those around you and your life, then you are most likely struggling with a crown chakra problem.

Things to know about Sahasrara:

Colour: violet

Issues: ability to trust life, values ethics belief, having courage, selflessness, ability to see a larger pattern, faith and inspiration, spirituality and devotion

Physical: Muscular system, skeletal system, skin

Dysfunctions: energetic disorders, mystical depression, extreme sensitivity to light and sounds or other environmental factors, chronic exhaustion that is not linked to something physical

Carloline Myss explains disharmony in this realm to unfold in three parts. One, it begins with you becoming aware that you have an absence of meaning and purpose. It is the time when we float around longing and looking for that fulfillment that cannot be satiated by material and physical items. Two begins with having strange new fears, perhaps fear of aging or of self and identity because you no longer know who you are or who you want to be, and what you want out of life. Third is your need to feel a sense of devotion to something bigger than yourself; to pursue a path of selflessness. When we commit to devotion we connect to a part of our unconscious eternal self. In this space is where all of those fears from number two just begin to float away and even the smallest of encounters with a stranger can feel like magic.

If you are sick right now please note*** illness is often a spiritual catapult into transformation of this realm. It forces you to stand still and look within, reassesses what you want in life and what is important. It pushes you into and through your dark night and deep depressions. If you allow it, it will give you a new perspective, but do not stay in this realm for too long or lose hope - perhaps everything you are going through is just what you are meant to be experiencing.


1) Call back your spirit - if you are living life and allowing your energy to leave your body to various places and experiences where you feel you have "unfinished" business so to speak, you will be running in a deficit. Release what you can no longer change and focus on building a deep connection to yourself and others here and now. "Shoulda woulda coulda" has no space to stay alive here.

2) Align all other chakras - if you want to get results then you need to put in the work. Bottom line, start working from the root chakra up and stoke that kundalini energy to get yourself open and disciplined enough to connect to a divine source. If you ignore your inner calling, do what you want and live without a care of consequences, good luck with finding any enlightenment or connection.

3) Death happens to us all - and in some cases should happen more than once. There are crossroads in our lives where we need to let the old us die and evolve into a new state of being. This can happen a little or a lot depending on the person and the purpose. You will know deep inside of you if there were times when you were being told to let the old you go, and you have ignored to do so. Trust me, the pain of holding on is much worse than letting go.

4) Letting God take over - have you ever asked yourself who and what are you searching for? If you are looking to the collective or a mentor to guide you it is much different than looking within and asking for spiritual guidance. I see a lot of people cripple themselves in the decision making process by always needing outside confirmation. When you surrender and let God take over you will gain the strength, intuition and insight to be guided by the divine.

Through practice, discipline, patience and removal of "illusions" in your life, you can gain a new form of communication that was not available before. Visions, hearing voices and healing with the power of touch are channeled through you and your connection to god, not through the collective. In fact, your collective will probably call you crazy during these periods of growth and transformation. Embrace it all anyway.

5) Wear more purple, eat purple foods, add prayer and meditation into your life and live with passion and purpose. You are not getting up in the morning just for yourself from this place. You are doing it for all of the people who you will help, for the planet and for your family and friends. Living in the moment is the number 1 thing to do here, but that doesn't mean from a place of ignorance and self indulgence. You know what I mean.. but just in case you don't... sitting on a beach, smiling at the sun and instagramming #justbe does not make you living your truth in the realm of your crown chakra.

This is the place everyone seems to want to get to, or should I say jump to, but don't forget the importance of your energy as a whole. It all comes together to work in a perfect wheel to keep you happy, aligned and safe. Remember this world isn't meant to be perfect. We are here for experiences and for purpose. To reignite and find alignment in that purpose and passion you must start looking within once again, and not fearing what you will find.

We will be diving into the language of the soul much more as we connect in our upcoming retreats, so if you are interested in more information check things out online or email at XO


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