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The third eye (aka Anja) is much more than our ability to see visions and intuitive sight, although it is what the third eye is known mostly for. Anja is also about our mental and reasoning abilities. It is about what we know intellectually and how it influences what we believe to be true. In this area our life lessons can become pieces of wisdom and learning, unless we are unable to "see" their value and thus become out of balance. If you reflect on your life and find a continuation of attracting "the same kind of partner", being treated "the same kind of way" that is not respectful or doesn't align with who you are, or are continually lost in the same negative feelings, it would be due to you being unable to see what needs to be addressed in your life and corrected.

The third eye also has another excellent quality to it; manifestation per say. It is where the ideas provided to you from a higher source (crown chakra) become visualized into your mind. Your mind and third eye can then process this information and figure out the what, when, where, why and how of turning the vision and thought into reality.

If you are feeling unbalanced and unsure if it is related to the third eye, begin asking yourself these questions: do the same things continue to happen to me? am I fearful of what is being asked of my life? am I afraid to look inside of myself? do I have a problem listening to realistic criticism from others? am I fearful of being judged? do I have a problem listening to others? am I an over thinker? do I become consumed by a negative outcome, or one that is not what I expected or hoped for? do I continue to stay blind to what is called from me or perhaps blind to how others are mistreating me? does my negative self talk call me stupid, unworthy and unable to carry out tasks because I am not good enough to do it? Illness in this chakra realm are birthed from the answers to those questions.

Things to know about Anja:

Colour: Indigo

Issues: Self-evaluation, truth, intellectual abilities, feelings of adequacy, openness to the idea of others, ability to learn from experience, emotional intelligence

Physical: Brains, nervous system, eyes, ears, nose, pineal gland, pituitary gland.

Dysfunctions: Brain tumour, stroke, neurological disturbances, blindness, spinal difficulties, learning disabilities, seizures

(**can read more about this in Anatomy of the Spirit - Caroline Myss)

When in balance, and I mean every chakra in balance (or close to), there should be an equal exchange of energy between the third eye and the heart. Your throat in this case will be the mediator between the two. Once the third eye is aligned you can then enter into the mind and psyche to access intuitive site, learning the symbols and languages that your soul and exterior guidance speaks to you. Remember that you are in control of this, and you can ask for as little or as much spiritual guidance as you need.

The reason I mention this is because some people will find their third eye to be over-active. Perhaps your dreams are becoming uncontrollable, you are extremely fatigued, downloading too much information at once or feeling like others energies are too overwhelming. You have the power to limit these interactions. To filter the noise.


1) Detachment - one way you can better evaluate your life lessons is through detachment. Not the form that makes you shut off and cold, but the kind that can understand why something is happening instead of dwelling in the feelings of being angry or hurt.

Relationships (friendships, lovers, partners) should all be experienced with some form of detachment, much like everything else in life. Example, if your husbands leaves you, try and understand why, see the bigger picture that he needs happiness in his life, that he is maybe feeling lost and unable to access his feelings, etc and focus on yourself moving forward. Maybe its a long term friend that is unable to see you in a new light. They have been hanging onto who you were instead of accepting who you are becoming. You may know the relationship needs to end but are unwilling to accept it so detach yourself. Another example is of your child. I know we want to parent them and keep them safe, but we must detach ourselves and understand that they are on their own journeys, experiencing what they can and that we can not try to control every detail of their lives. Detach... listen... understand.. be open from a third person (birds eye) point of view without intertwining our emotions in every facet of our past, present and future. When we surrender to god and detach, we are able to learn from a place without conflict and inner torment. Think about all of the experiences in life... the lessons you needed to learn, the ones you're grateful for no matter how much it hurt... what if you could learn the same lesson without the pain? Wouldn't you want to?

2) Understanding truths - "change is constant" is one example. We know this to be true, but yet can you really understand and accept it? Are you wanting everything to stay the same? Referencing the above and applying detachment to truths - if you want to be with your husband for the rest of your life, if you want to have friends that never leave your side, if you want to keep your child your child forever than you are not in alignment with absolute truths like the one that everything changes. That does not mean that you will never be in relationships long term - it means you need to detach and try to be the best person you can be, and allow for life to take its course. "We all die" is another truth. We hear it, we understand, but most often we do not know what that means. Most of us only wait until we are given a textbook death sentence of cancer or other degenerative diseases before we begin to live the truth that everyone dies. How would your life change if you lived that way today?? After all, you are dying and so am I.

Additionally, identifying the difference between what is a truth, and what is an illusion in your life will also set you on a path of mental and spiritual freedom.

3) Self-healing - our minds have an amazing ability to heal itself. There is incredible power within us to destroy or create and our health depends on it! Depression for example diminishes our immune system and impacts our god given ability to heal. If you are struggling with anxiety or depression please do not just live with it. Lets work through it. Also, negative thought partners, anxiety, and succumbing to an illness or "becoming" the illness mentally will not foster the strength we need to heal. Journey inward, get to know yourself and change your thought patterns in the minute you are living in. When life becomes too overwhelming come back to the present. Not in the future, not a year from now, and often not even a day. Release the past and focus on the now. NOW is where you find healing.

4) Value - learn to value all that you cannot yet see. Have faith and belief in the unknown to charge your psyche and connect to other possible realms. Open yourself up to dreams and request to be spoken to in a way you'll understand. Next be still.. listen. Believe and learn to interpret each and every day you are alive knowing it is is full of symbolic site. This will help develop your introspection.

5) More - wear purple and eat purple things. Recognize defensiveness, refrain from judgements and learn what fear patterns are governing your life. Act on inner guidance and revamp your view of "success" from your exterior to interior life. Keep an open mind and notice yourself when you begin to shut down in all aspects of life from conversations, arguments, work etc. Why are you shutting down and what does it mean to you? Meditation (try calm or headspace app) and breath work will also help guide you. Getting good sleep is another way to balance out the third eye. Frankincense, lavender, neroli and juniper are essential oils that can be diffused in the evenings as you rest.

If you have any questions on the above while on your energetic journey please reach out at or follow along instagram @inwardtoithaka!

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