THROAT CHAKRA// Power of Choice

The throat chakra (aka Vissudha) is such an integrated area because it connects us to our power of choice and willpower. What we choose to say (or not to say), do or not to do is all here. If you are feeling stuck, or as if you have many energy centres that are out of balance begin by looking at your throat chakra. I promise you by doing this, many other areas will start aligning themselves and things will begin to fall into place. Choice integrates itself into every detail of our lives, and for that reason, all illness will be linked to the throat chakra.

When we are emotional and mentally struggling with the power of choice we create stagnancy and blocks. I am sure there are a lot of you can relate to the feeling of not being able to make up your mind! Can you relate below?!

If you are laughing to the above (which you should be lol) then you have either been in this situation with someone, or you are being that person and I am here to tell you to stop! Go and start choosing exactly what you want to eat! Make quick decisions. Dive right in! It helps you exercise those loose "decision making" muscles if you always find yourself having a tough time.

But how could something as simple as choosing a meal help me in the long run?? Help me get out of this slump, this depression or this illness? Because you begin to realize you have the ability to choose anything in your life. ANYTHING. Here are some examples. This may seem exaggerated or you may be saying "its not that easy", but I need to tell you that regardless of the level to which is is difficult has nothing to do with your inability to make the choice. You can always choose, and this is what this segment is about.

Example: Mary despises her spouse, she is in an abusive relationship, and feeling like she has dedicated her life to your kids who are still 8 and 10 years of age. She is lost, out of touch, out of place, heavy depression and illness. She feels stuck and that she has no choice but to stay until her kids are older but she doesn't think she can last any longer on this earth, living like this. So what are some answers? What are the choices and paths she can take?

** First off, she can leave. You all hate this answer because you think "how could she leave her kids behind", "how selfish", "she made her bed now she has to lay in it". I am here to tell you to keep to yourself! This isn't about being the judge, it is about realizing you have a choice. You are not in her shoes, you are not feeling what she is feeling, and perhaps if she leaves and gets her life together she can come back and get her kids and bring them to a better place. This is all hypothetical, but a choice non the less.

** Second off, she can stay. She can get part time jobs and save. OR she can reach out to organizations that help women get on their feet. Maybe Mary feels this is a bad place to bring her kids.. is it any worse than the living situation she is in? She could always burry her husband in the back yard and keep on going on with life like it never happened... lol ok seriously though... you could choose to do anything you wanted to, but Mary is living within the parameters of someone else's life and opinions. She is choosing to let others control her. She is choosing to let her fear control her.

**Also, and sometimes the hardest, is to bring our minds to a new place. I always think about Nelson Mendela's life and his 27 years in prison. I know people like to say "some things you can't change and are out of your control" so this is an example of one of them. I am not naive. But how he chose to spend that time, the way he chose to journey into himself during long periods of isolation was still his choice, and perhaps that is part of the journey we are here for.

In Mary's case, she is caught in a cage she has built (I mean mental), surrounding herself with fear, unable to make a decision. Fear always gets in the way here, and what is missing is faith. Faith not only in the divine, but faith in herself. I want you to begin asking yourself these questions: what am I fearful of? Why am I not choosing to move forward, when I know what is best for me? What words am I telling myself that is stopping me from taking action? What areas of my life are underdeveloped? What do I have faith in/what don't I? What is stealing my energy? Where can I call energy back? Where/who do I get my power from?

You see, when the throat chakra is out of balance it starts draining your energy, piece by piece down the line. It begins with your tribe, then with personal or professional relationships, followed by relinquishing our inner power and assuming you have none. When this happens, you will find money, power, or someone else's emotions controlling you and the outcomes of your life. Its as if your spirit has said "I give up!" and you are just letting the world take over. Its like river rafting through rapids with a blind fold and no oars (hello bird box!).

Things to know about Vissudha:

Colour: Blue

Issues: Choice and strength of will, personal expression, following one's dream, using personal power to create, addiction, judgement and criticism, faith and knowledge and ability to make decisions

Physical: Throat, thyroid, trachea, neck vertebrae, mouth, teeth and gums, esophagus, parathyroid, hypothalamus

Dysfunctions: Sore or raspy throat, chronic sore throat, mouth ulcers, gum difficulties, tmj, scoliosis, swollen glands, thyroid problems

I recently read a quote by Carolyn Myss where she said as humans we would become honest to a new degree if we could see the spiritual and energetic karma that occurs from the choices we make. Let that sink in. When you buy a t-shirt, what goes along with that t-shirt, how was it made or who made it? When you eat meat, where does it come from, how was it treated? When you throw something in the garbage where does it go? When you lie to someone how does that make you feel inside? How do these repetitive actions shape your life? If we could view the entire tapestry instead of the one small thread, would be be more conscious in our choices? How can we become more conscious without needed to view the whole picture?


1) Faith - being to believe in yourself again. Prove to yourself, one action at a time, that you are here and that you are ready to fight for yourself again. Surrender to the idea that you are not always going to be in control and that there are synchronistic events in life that will come to your aid. Let go and let god! Figure out what it is you believe in. Release your fears and transfer the energy into trust, which always comes back 10x over!

2) Will power - if you do not practice this you won't get better. I can't tell you how depressing cutting coffee out of my life has been. I never thought it would effect my psyche the way it has been and as silly as that may seem I am dead serious. I don't care what your addictions are, whether it be sex, food, procrastination, negative self talk, if you cannot work through these things and exercise will power you will have a hard time being in alignment. Don't forget it is ok to reach out to people and as them for help. We all need it sometimes until we begin to make new habits that align with our lives.

3) Reflection/listening - try and quite the soul a little bit more and learn to listen to your intuition. When the head takes over and wants to plan everything out you have the third eye in charge, and when you can make instantaneous decisions it comes from the heart. Remember that. There has to be a good balance of both, and decisions do not always have to make sense.

4) Take Charge - when you are able to take charge of your life and use your personal power to guide you, things will start to change, problems will melt away and new beginnings will start.. fast! Do not be afraid of the speed at which things happen. Go back to your faith and know you will end up in the direction you are supposed to be in you just have to trust!

5) More - wear blue, eat blue foods and speak from a place of truth! Tell people how you feel, express yourself creatively and sing to your hearts content. Put on your favourite music! Make tasks lists and complete them. Do small challenges and build up showing yourself you can in fact do what you say you are going to do! Lastly, drink lots of water and attend yoga classes for a nice deep opening of those hips!

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