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I heard a yogi once say that it is believed the heart has the power of 1000 suns, and it really resonated with me. One of my interests in life has always been about where to get energy from, if not in the more conventional ways like food, water, and sleep. It became and even bigger focus once I had a child!

Have you ever experienced a time where you lost a loved one and the world falls apart around you? You can't get out of bed, you feel drained... or perhaps its a devastating break up. Where does your energy go? You may also then have felt love. The energy that makes your heart feel like its exploding. In fact, those are the times when you don't have to eat, or drink!! You feel like you could go on forever just from a feeling, and what a beautiful feeling that is.

There is so much emotional power that we have access to, but often through time we become more closed off, protected, selective and reserved. Maybe even angry, resentful, bitter or self-centred. The heart (aka Anahata) acts as a mediator between your physical and spiritual centres. This chakra is where you will develop your emotional intelligence. Whether or not we approach this world with love and compassion will manifest itself from here.

Illness can be associated with your feelings in regards to how you emotionally process your feelings and the reflections on your inner world. That means taking a deep look inside my beautiful friends! How you respond to your own thoughts, ideas, and aspirations is felt in the heart chakra. Additionally, the attention you give to your emotional needs is also extremely important for balance and proper functioning.

Ask yourself these questions: How well do I know myself? Do I distract myself from going within? What am I afraid of? Am I afraid of being lonely? What do I commit to? What don't I commit to? Am I following my heart? Can I protect myself emotionally? Do I feel the need to always be protected? Who am I afraid of losing? Am I jealous in nature? Who needs my forgiveness? Do I have the ability to let go and let god? Have a felt love? Do I know how to love and be loved? Which do I prefer? Have a let someone down, and am not heavy with guilt? Do I feel I am letting myself down? Do I know what it means to have faith? Are there feelings of resentment and bitterness in my life? Take the time to go through each one by one.

Things to know about Anahata:

Colour: Green

Issues: Love, hatred, resentment, bitterness, grief, anger, self-centredness, loneliness, commitment, forgiveness, compassion, hope, trust.

Physical: Heart and circulatory system, lungs, shoulders and arms, ribs/breasts, diaphragm, thymus gland

Dysfunctions: Congestive heart failure, heart attack, mitral valve prolapse, asthma, allergy, lung cancer, breast cancer, upper back and shoulder issues, pneumonia.

While I am talking mostly on behalf of the individual, I do want to mentioned just how amazing tuning into your heart chakra can be for the collective. When we turn inward, and learn how to love, be compassionate and forgiving to ourselves, we can then start teaching others those qualities. This is what it means to be in balance to this area. The concept that by respecting yourself, you are respecting others. By loving yourself, you are loving others.. by becoming emotionally aware, you are allowing others to be. That does not necessarily mean doing everything for others (leaving nothing for yourself), giving your heart too freely (when you want something/expect something in return) or feeling too empathetic of others to the point that you feel it energetically drains you. This would be signs and symptoms of an over active, and thus, out of balance heart chakra. Finding grace and compassion in the present moment no matter your situation is how to keep your heart open (aka what means to me being happy or content). It is what journeying "inward to ithaka" means to me.


1) Forgiveness - this goes both ways, so start writing down all the people you need to forgive and begin to let it go. One way you can do this is by doing it in person, or by writing a letter to each person and then burning it and essentially letting it go. Whatever it is, do not let anger, bitterness or resentment stay trapped in your life. Forgiveness also means to yourself so don't forget that. You may have made mistakes in the past, whether someone chooses to forgive you or not is up to them, that does not mean you cannot or should not forgive yourself. Mistakes make us human - the ability to learn from them and move on is what regains balance.

2) Self-development - do not underestimate the importance of emotional awareness and growth. How can we learn to love someone if we cannot love ourselves? That doesn't mean surface love... I am talking about raw unconditional love. Are we even capable of it?? Test yourself and find out! How often are you loving with condition? This is nothing to be ashamed of, but instead take it as a challenge to see how you can love with no strings attached. Self-development is also how you will get to learn what you passion and purpose is in this life. By being honest with yourself you can dig into the questions of the soul and find answers. What are you feeling like you will lose if you follow your dreams?? Those are the questions that lead to the reasons why you haven't found your purpose yet. Next address the relationships in your life. What do you need to work on? How can you be a better lover, partner, spouse? What do you need in your life to feel loved?? If you don't know - don't expect anyone else to. Those voids will continue to be there until you reflect.

3) Self-love - many people see #self-love as something you do materialistically like a spa day, vacation or shopping trip, but what does it actually mean to love yourself? Did you know that those physical versions of self-love is actually something that satisfies your pleasure centre aka solar plexus?? Loving yourself in this area means listening to our heart's and the emotional messages it is relaying. It means evaluating the relationship you are in, leaving the job you hate or any other issue that is affecting your health and overall happiness. Most importantly, it is about healing the "inner child" (that we all have) so that we can be a more connected and receptive adult. If we live in a realms of past wounds and ignore our hearts callings then we will be blocked. End of story. No way around that but through.

4) More - wear green, eat green and learn to connect deeper with people around you! Compliment yourself and others so you can get into the feelings of being more positive and lifting spirits. Mantras are a great tool when thinking about the above; in the words of Louise Hay "I am perfect, whole and complete". Music is also another beautiful way you can become balanced in this area. Let the sounds and words move you, make an uplifting playlist and avoid that which makes you feel sad or connected to a past that no longer serves you.

This place can be a tricky space to navigate through but do not let that deter you! I would like to create an open space and answer questions for anyone who is feeling as though they are blocked in the heart chakra and need some further guidance. Please feel free to contact further at and follow along @inwardtoithaka to get more updates on the chakras in the story highlight section!

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