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The solar plexus (aka Manipura) becomes dominant in our lives as we approach the prepubescent age. After all, we are forming a sense of self and figuring out who we are in the world, as well as how we want to be seen and percieved. Where do we fit, if at all? This reflects on how our ego's are built and how we develop our personal power and self-esteem. Can you bring yourself back into the early ages of high school? What was that like for you and do you feel things have carried into your adult life? Were you rejected? Bullied or the one bullying? What was your social life like and what did it consist of? While the root chakra associates to your tribe, and the sacral chakra links to the relationships between yourself and others, the solar plexus will delve into your own power and your relationship to the external world.

Often illness that is associated with this area has to do with self-responsibility, self-esteem, fear of rejection and oversensitivity to criticism. Start by asking yourself these questions: do I believe in myself? What does my internal dialogue look like? Do I shy away from the limelight? Am I ok with the idea that not everyone will like me.... as in - am I really ok with it?? not just surface "yes" answer, but how do I handle rejection and criticism? do I have a strong relationship with my intuition? when was the last time I worked on developing it? do I only hang out with like minded people? am I afraid of looking foolish or having people think oddly of me for just being myself? am I a motivated person or do I lack energy and motivation? do I honour myself in my actions and daily choices? am I respecting myself?

Only in answering these questions can we start to guide ourselves through the soul. Which questions do you get caught up on and what "triggers" you in this? What do you think about when you hear the word "ego" ??

Things to know about Manipura:

Colour: yellow

Issues: fear of criticism, fear of rejection, lack fo self-esteem, failure to meet your responsibilities in life (aka - not wanting to "adult"), fear of obesity, balding, aging (etc), ability to handle a crisis, self-respect

Physical: abdomen, stomach, upper intestines, liver, gallbladder, kidney, pancreas, adrenal glands, spleen, middle spine

Dysfunctions: arthritis, gastric ulcers, colon/intestinal problems, pancreatitis, diabetes, indigestion, anorexia or bulimia, liver dysfunction, adrenal fatigue.

The solar plexus is a beautiful state if you allow it to be. It is where you get to shine and become secure in yourself. This is the area we all want to nurture with self love! We must begin embracing it and thus, take away all of those digestive issues. When we thrive in this space we feel empowered! Think about when you break free of a toxic relationship how refreshing that can feel! Hello - you again!

On the flip side, one thing I hear from mothers, clients suffering from depression and people who are in long term relationships is that they feel as though they have lost themselves. There is a good chance you need to check in with your solar plexus in this case and redefine who you are and encourage a relationship with the self again. You must honour yourself, know your strength and for once STOP GIVING! Draw those lines and create the boundaries for you to begin to thrive, and remember it is never too late to start.


1) Self-esteem - it is time to start developing your self esteem once again! As we begin to do this you will find your intuition strengthening at the same time. You cannot have one without the other. That inner voice will begin to speak louder and become a more constant source of guidance! Doesn't that sound amazing?? Of course it does. How we talk and think about ourselves, along with how we treat ourselves has everything to do with our level of self-esteem. Because of this I recommend daily mantras such as "I am perfect, whole and complete" to start realigning your self-talk with something more positive. The truth is, if we do not like ourselves it will be impossible for us to make healthy decisions. Sometimes when I am craving a certain food for example that I know is bad for me I will simply say "I am choosing not to eat this because I love you". Listen to your gut when it tells you that you "should or shouldnt" do something... when its coming from within - chances are you should listen to it!

2) Inner power - when was the last time you choose your spirit over your physical circumstances? This area can be a tough one for those who struggle with belief and faith in the unknown or in what they cannot see. Every choice you make in this life either helps or hinders your progress. By taking ownership of where you are in your life and seeing that your choices greatly impact you, can fuel you moving forward. Have you tried seeing what would happen if you put the time, effort and energy into making the choices that move towards a more aligned you?? Trust me, it is much better than struggling with the consequences of doing the latter - which is nothing, or worse yet, self-destructive.

NOW THIS - Why is inner power so important? Because when we charge ourselves up we then have the energy to fuel our lives and most importantly healing. We no longer have to take "6 months to heal" or only have "2 weeks left to live". It is as though we are living on a different frequency. This applies to past trauma as well. Most people believe we need years to psychologically get over something or to let things go, but that is not the case if you have a high level of personal power.

3) Intuition - this is not about being able to have prophetic abilities and see into the future. This is about being able to make decisions in the immediate moment with confidence. It is about your emotional, mental and spiritual self coming together to give you here and now feedback. Most of us are intuitive, but it is our lack of self confidence and personal power that allow us to thrive. Therefore, intuition will speak to us in dreams, through depression and make us feel uncomfortable.

4) More - wear yellow, eat yellow, and cook with spices! Tigers eye, citrine, and amber are wonderful ways you can charge this centre. Citrus oils like orange and grapefruit are also great for the solar plexus. Developing a regular yoga practice that becomes a discipline is important. I would also suggest finding a morning or evening ritual that gets you into doing something every day.

Last but not least find something that pushes your personal boundaries and builds your self confidence whatever that may be! Have something thats been on your bucket list? GO DO IT!

Sometimes there is so much to touch on and so little space and time to do so, therefore, if you are in need of more information contact us! Follow along @inwardtoithaka on instagram and check out the chakra highlights or email directly!

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