The sacral chakra (aka Svadhisthana) connects to money and power, creativity, addictions (hello self sabotage), blame and guilt, control, ethics and honour and is a major centre of where our relationships with others develop. How do other people view me? Am I concerned about this? Does it become a focus? I develop my inner and outer feelings with the physical world in this space. Perhaps I am able to ground myself in the moment more frequently, or perhaps I feel that I create fantasies for myself to help emotionally cope! Lastly, speaking of fantasies, our sexual desires and sexual centres are also a big part of the sacral chakra so if any of these things ring a bell for you - keep reading!

Start by asking yourself the questions: do I have an unhealthy relationship with money? am I ruled by my emotions/do I let them get away from me? am I stuck in an (any) emotion whether it be worry, anxiety, depression, or greed? am I constantly thinking about the past, reliving moments, or fantasizing about how life should be other than greeting it where it is at? do I have a low or high sex drive? am I dealing with hormonal imbalances? when was the last time I tapped into my creative potential? do I have a record of relationships failing one after the other? why is that? am I addicted to foods or behaviours? is everything everyone else fault? do I have a healthy relationship with sex? am I worried about how other people view me in this world?

Answer these questions with honesty and sincerity. Then allow yourself a few moments to reflect. Perhaps your inner voice asks YOU a question that isn't on that list, but speaks to you in this moment. Do not disregard it and and write it down. That will be where your inner work starts. Lets take a look together at a bit of an overview of the outcomes to an unbalanced sacral chakra.

Things to know about Svadhisthana:

Colour: orange

Issues: feeling numb, co-depending, feeling run by emotions, creativity blocks, sexuality, lack of sexual desire or satisfaction, overindulgence, addictions, ocd mannerisms, need to be in control

Physical: sexual organs, large intestines, lower vertebrae, pelvis, appendix, bladder, hips

Dysfunctions: chronic lower back pain, sciatica, ob/gyn problems like endometriosis - erectile dysfunctions and ovarian cysts, pelvic/lower back pain, sexual potency, urinary problems, UTI's etc.

This area is all about our personal identification and our protective physiological boundaries. We need to have boundaries with those around us to create a good space to learn, love and grow it. But that also means we need to have boundaries for ourselves as well. If we are in continuous fear of not being in control or being controlled by others we allow conditions such as addiction, betrayal, rape, impotence, abandonment from a partner, and loss of property, finances, etc. to control our worlds. Our sacred truth in this location is to honour one another - which applies to all life forms. What and where, or should I say who are we taking too much from, and who, what or where is taking too much energy from us? This is where boundaries come in.

An example would be experiencing a traumatic event such as being raped. How much power do you give the event throughout your life? Is it still haunting you? Interfering with your relationships and blocking you from being your sexually connected and divine self? We need to cut the cords with our past to allow for healing and regain control and power over the situation through forgiveness, or at the very least, just letting go. I remember hearing Caroline Myss speak and she said "what do I say to a mother who has lost a child, who is grieving and in despair, other than telling her that this is the worst thing you will ever feel in this life, and if you can move on from here, you can do anything". It is very easy for us to become attached to our pain and suffer, believe me I know, but I also know it does nothing for our bodies, and this is the energy centre where we will be caught in fight or flight for long periods of time, slowly eating away physically and energeticfally at our bodies if we do not change. So which way is up from here?


1) Relationships - learn how to be the best partner, friend and parent you can be, while learning what you want and do not want in your life. This means you need to learn not only about how to be in a relationship but how to maintain a relationship with yourself. One that has a strong foundation, boundaries and open communication. IF you have a partner that does not support you, is toxic and over burdening - find a way to either A, work through it or B, let them go. If anyone has experienced the physical backlash of a draining relationship you will understand what I am saying! This need to be fixed or released no exceptions.

That also means with yourself. You know the inner guidance that speaks to you? That you perhaps just ignore? We need to open up to that once more and start listening, stop the negative self talk and not worry about what the outside world feels about us. You got this!

2) Back to earth - start by saying the mantra "I enjoy life to the fullest" and bring yourself back to this realm and out of fantasy land. If we are constantly wanting, thinking, dreaming of other things we will lose sight and touch with what is in front of us. Lack of fulfillment in this world and this moment also bleeds into our relationships making us a less than desirable partner if we cannot find love and gratitude in what is right here, right now. This will also link to addictions - so if you find you for example, play too much video games or are continuously on your phones and social media, recheck yourself and reign it in before it begins to draw on too much energy.

3) Resilience - this is what allows us to bounce back from all of those things that have happened in life that got us down. So think about it, when were all the times you've picked yourself back up after you fell?? Are you allowing yourself to fail forward? To gracefully take on challenges? Thank yourself for every time you got up/get up, and tell yourself you will always be there to catch you when you fall. If you are stuck in a dark space or are going through a tough time, sit in a meditation and envision your resilience and ability to flow through this life getting stronger until it takes over and dislodges your current feelings.

4) Willpower - this is where mental discipline comes in to work through your addictions. It takes patience, and consistency, and often support from those around you. Do not be afraid to reach out for help and in fact embrace help from others. Also acknowledging your current addictions is of utmost importance. Is it netflix, sex, food, feelings, exercise, work?? What are you avoiding? Figure it out and then take steps to work through it.

5) Wear orange colours, eat orange foods, meditation, burning essential oils like rose or ylang ylang, yoga for the hips, and drinking lots of water are also going to help balance this area. Picture yourself opening up to the world and try as best as possible to keep your mind in a present state that lives in the moment.

Sometimes there is so much to touch on and so little space and time to do so, therefore, if you are in need of more information contact us! Follow along @inwardtoithaka on instagram and check out the chakra highlights or email directly!

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