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The root chakra (aka Muladhara) is where life all begins and correlates to our physical family, feelings of safety, security, our ability to provide for ourselves, stand up for ourselves, and know where we are situated in our community and tribe. It is in essence our survival mode. If you are curious whether or not this could be unbalanced for you continue reading below!

Start by asking yourself the questions: who cared for me as a child? who financially supported me? did I have to provide for yourself? is it hard to trust others? do I feel like I never have enough or that I need to constantly protect myself? do I feel grounded, calm and safe? do I have emotional ties to food? am I financially stressed and strained?

All it takes is one of those questions being answered with a strong negative connotation for you to get out of balance. Take emotional ties to food as an example. If you find yourself always struggling with weight gain, it may lie in the feelings of not being good enough, not having enough, and always feeling the need to protect yourself. Perhaps even past family trauma, or sexual abuse could have spurred on the need to add layers over you as protection. While its not always that easy of an answer - here are keys to help you better understand yourself and your physical being.

Things to know about Muladhara:

Colour: red

Issues: stability, security, family, providing for ones self, feeling at home, money (when linked to security)

Physical: base of spine, legs, bones, feet, rectum, immune system, sexual organs

Dysfunctions: chronic lower back pain, sciatica, varicose vains, constipation, rectal tumours/cancer, depression, immune - related disorders.

You see, the root is all about what connects us to this earth. It is about our tribal culture and whether we can build our own life, our own vision, and break out of past patterns and social conditioning that no longer serve us. Can you let go of what your parents did or didn't do? The constant woundedness? The bullying, the fear of survival, and allow yourself to move past the victim mindset? Do you feel the world around you is the result of your problems?? This all matters to your health and the areas of your body mentioned above.

Caroline Myss says "no one begins life as a conscious individual with conscious will power" and your ability to understand that and specifically work on those aspects of yourself is what will allow you to become rebalanced in this area. While there is specific things you can do for each illness I will give you a general overview on how you can become more aligned in this area starting now.


1) Move - your body needs you to physically connect with it and it begs you to move, dance, do yoga, breathwork and FEEL yourself again. If you are having lower back pain, you need to find out where it is stemming from, work on balancing those muscles and stretching out what is tight. You also have to figure out why the tension may be manifesting in your back as well. Perhaps you feel there is too much on your shoulders? Are you carrying the world? Is responsibility weighing you down?? Start moving. Get up and go, be in the moment and feel your heart beat. Make it race!

2) Move on - what you do not transcend you transfer. While your family shape's your life, the only cage you are in is one you've made for yourself - so break free! Even something as simple as a superstitions passed down can cause you harm OR as I know a lot of you can relate to - religious belief patterns. Even members of a church could start growing a negative thought pattern in your mind starting at a young. Linking this person with your association to god makes it extremely difficult to break free of, but you need to. Write it down, acknowledge it, write how you are going to shift it, and then put in the work. Let it go, it is your time to move on.

3) Choose wisely - all is one in the realm of the root chakra. This is why they says "your vibe attracts your tribe" or that you need to find people that lift you up! Being in the wrong negative group will drag you into it. Equally, this is where allowing yourself to follow the herd can also be a problem. In groups where "all is one" we allow the actions of others to explain ours, or we do not take full responsibility for where we are at. Think of our planet - as a collective we often allow "all is one" to remove us from the need to remove palm oil from our diets, lower meat consumption, purchase less, and inconvenience ourselves. We allow the herd to take over. Choose to stand out, choose to be strong, to get active and drive less, to make choices that benefit the world around you and in doing so you will be strengthening this area of your life! Trust me here - it works!

4) All else - wear red, eat red foods, walk on the earth barefoot and spend time in nature. Try kundalini yoga, and doing a meditation with intention during the crescent moon. It is your time to shine, and most of all to heal.

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