25 Reasons Why to Attend a Retreat

Thinking about attending a retreat in 2019? Retreats are going to be the new travel. I strongly feel this is the case. Why?? Because I am watching as self-growth and self-love are being put at the forefront of our minds and I cant tell you just how excited that makes me feel!

Ok, so I can't speak for all retreats, but I can speak for the ones I am co-hosting and since there are 25 spaces left available, I thought I would give you 25 reasons why you should be attending!

1) Rejuvenation - This is coming from a gypsy soul - travelling can make you feel tired. I know that people want to glorify travel and make it seems like they are having the times of their lives adventuring around the world, but if you take an honest look inside and find yourself coming home tired, lonely, or drained, than you have to switch up your mode of destination hoping. Attending a retreat that is formulated just for you in mind is a way you can get out there, see the world, and come home feeling on fire and well rested!

2) Lodging - The accommodations that have been chosen are often not places you would be able to afford on your own, but due to a price share things become a lot more attainable! Take Bamfield for example - this beautiful lodge will be hosting 16 of us and we get it ALL TO OURSELVES! Yes please! When would you otherwise be able to say that you took over a whole spot?

3) Empowerment rituals - Energetically speaking, when you meditate on something and use your whole being to empower it.. it comes out into the universe and projects through and around you. Now add another person into that mix with the same intentions and you'll have a 6x fold energetic return on that.... keep adding and adding to it and when you get 16 women of the same mindset and intention - that makes for some pretty juicy work! Together we will be learning how to work with not only our energies but those around you! Where else would you get that from?

4) Rest - This is a great time to give yourself the down time you deserve and rest. There will of course be options for early risers who want morning yoga and runs, but you are a woman, and you can choose to sleep in should your body so tell you to do so! This is all about learning what you want and getting it. So guaranteed you will be going home feeling well rested.

5) Adventure - There is no shortage of adventure here! Getting to these locations takes some back roads mapping and exploration!

6) Try something new - Want to do something you have never done before? Perhaps soul searching in a big group intimidates you? Are you fearful of connection? NOW is the time to get past your blocks and propel yourself towards positive change.

7) Swag - I won't lie, this is a pretty sweet "extra" you will be getting from joining in! Through personal profiles we receive - you will be provided with $100 extra of products that have been picked specifically for YOU. There is no shortage of thought that will be come into this.

8) Lets get physical - We will be guiding you through some physical practices (yoga, run, and a HIIT class) but also explaining the importance of how building a physical practice allows you to have a better, more balanced life. Naomi and I have been in the fitness industry for years and together can help you through any past injuries or limitations you may have.

9) Emotional breakthroughs - This is a safe space for you to work through emotional blocks and past issues that no longer serve you.

10) Guided meditations - In order to strengthen our mental resolve we will be guiding you through meditations and offering one-one sessions for those who would like extra work on their down time. Discovering blocks and working to remove them is my specialty!

11) Food for the soul - While we are not stopping you from bring any snacks, cookies, coffee or wine, on this trip, we will be providing you with wholesome food that supports your body, mind and soul. How many of you feel you fall off the wagon when travelling??? Not this time!!

12) Connection - The relationships made on retreats can be ones that last a lifetime. You get to know the women you are with on a deeper level than you would ever otherwise do in a setting with complete strangers. It is a place to get together and create the feelings of sisterhood. A place for support and love.

13) Read the signs - If you are not sure how your body communicates with you, this is where you will find out. Naomi and I will be guiding you through mental, physical and spiritual communication to help you read the signs that you may otherwise be missing out on.

14) Self-love - This time you are making a choice for yourself. You are doing something for yourself and you are showing up for yourself. So often we do things for other people, and while others will benefit from you attending the retreat - this one is very much so just for you.

15) Fun - One of our biggest "to do's" on this retreat is to make sure we all have fun. Laughter is the best medicine and as we get caught up "adulting" we forget about what it feels like to be wild and free. This is your chance to let loose and just enjoy yourself in an open setting.

16) Price - We have made sure that these prices were low so that you do not have the ability to say "I cant afford it" The prices range from $650 -$1500 so it falls within any budget. You can pay in full or monthly so we are flexible with any of your needs. All it takes is $200 to reserve your spot so book now to reserve the price point and sleeping arrangement of your choice!

17) Goal setting - Naomi is going to be leading us on how to not only set your goals but achieve them. We want you going home with not only a good weekend feeling, but a plan for your future so that you can take what you learned and put it into action!

18) It is time - Whether it is our retreat or someone else's, it is time for us to start investing in experiences vs. products. Investing in ourselves vs. things.

19) Conscious alignment - I am specifically creating retreats not only so we can connect to each other and ourselves, but to start amplifying our conscious alignment to what serves the world better. To BE the change I want to see and to bring people together from all walks of lives. You never know who or how this retreat will bring you into new things, ideas, relationships and on the track to a new way of life.

20) Supporting dreams - Did you know that by supporting Naomi and I you are supporting our dreams? Did you know that you are supporting yours?? How about the fact that you will be supporting local businesses, or that each item in the swag bag is going to be from supporting other small businesses who have stepped out and created something from their hearts as well?! The ripple affect of choosing to do this retreat far reaches more than you could imagine!

21) ... I think this is more than enough reason's but I will continue saying a few more :)

22) Nature - We are going to get in touch and in tune with nature again. You, I and mother earth are going to have a talk. We are going to reconnect and listen to what she needs. We are going to actively make a plan to work towards healing, and not harming our planet. In turn, she will be showing us all the ways she can help balance and heal our bodies, minds and souls.

23) Options - Whether you want to get into the mountains (Golden) or down by the ocean (Bamfield) there are options for you to choose. Not only that, these locations are exceptionally beautiful and a definite must see!

24) You only live once - I know we sometimes want to believe that we are old souls and have been here for 1000 lifetimes, but in all reality we don't know if that is true. Therefore we should be living this one with intent, focus and passion. Do those things that really fuel you. That spark your fire and allow you to spread light and love into the world.

25) You won't regret it - I promise you. You won't be leaving this thinking that you wish you never went. Instead, you'll be asking for more. You'll be trying other places, learning new things and continuing down the rollercoaster ride of self-development why?? Because it will rid you of the feeling as though you are getting farther and farther away from those you love and knew, and will bring you closer to yourself and a world of people who are also on the same path as you. This is truly where you were meant to be!

Still need some more convincing??? I would hope not, but if you'd like more information you can connect with me at titled "retreat" or follow along instagram for more photos @inwardtoithaka

We are looking forward to having you join us on your journey and can't wait to make memories and magic with you XOXO


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