Call Me OUT

I am sure I am opening up a can of worms by saying this, but.... If you read or hear something I say, and you have a valid argument against it or want to know where I have found my information from... feel free to call me out.

Yesterday I was reading a post from a Tampa Bay doctor I follow on instagram that sparked an alarm for me. He said "I can't tell you how many patients I see who are just like this... They have serious problems but their labs look fine. With standard lab ranges, they are based on a sample of people who have used those tests in the last year. Take a look around you and most people aren't healthy. Its normal for them to be on 1-3 medications so the ranges are already skewed from a normal healthy population." He continued to talk about how everything is being based off of a "sick population" and that your labs will not tell you when something is wrong (quite like the tests he can offer you).

I thought to myself "Holy shit!! is that really happening? Is that why tests results can seem like nothing is wrong, because they are making a sample size from an unhealthy population?" This "doctor" has a lot of followers (almost 13k) and had many comments below from people saying "me too" and believing every word he was saying.

I decided that if the above was true, that it would be my job to whistle blow it and tell everyone that this is a MAJOR issue. What I found on the other hand.. came up nill and void. Most often, tests you take are designed from lab and companies do in fact have a sample size they draw on. The minimum amount of healthy people usually has to be roughly 120 minimum that fits your criteria. Data is compiled over years and used as a reference range. Obviously it is much more complicated than this, but that gives you an idea. IF you have issues with your test results not reflecting how you are feeling, there can still be something wrong.. but it has nothing to do with the fact that they are comparing you to a sick population.

So of course I had to say something. When I commented on this doctors page what happened next shocked me! All I asked was if he could show me where he was pulling that information from because nothing I found backed up what he had to say. I was genuinely curious if the USA possibly had different standards or what it was he had found up along his time working in the medical field.

His response??? ..... I got blocked.. deleted off of his following and he deleted the comments I wrote shortly after posting it!! I can't tell you how annoyed this makes me. There was not ONE rude statement made, just a simple question to get some answers and clarity for the people who seem to be (like I was initially) blown away by such findings.

This is extremely heartbreaking to me, because as the general population looks to different "influencers" and public figures to guide them along the way - there is often a lot of information that is posted that is misleading and just purely wrong. I am not talking about psycho-spiritual belief systems, acupuncture, holistic remedies ... that many people can argue about for their validity... just plain old statements like above that are simply wrong. It is no wonder why we have such a hard time finding the answers we are seeking.

This is why it drives me insane when I hear people say "well this doctor said this" or "that doctor told me that"... without even questioning what they have to say. I understand it is a profession where we want to believe every word of advice, but like anything, you can have good ones, and you can have bad ones, so what I would like to suggest to you is this:

When you are following someone you believe has your back in the health field, don't be afraid to ask them WHERE they found their sources, WHAT they really mean, WHO told them these facts or WHO they have seen benefit from it. Sometimes, I know I will make the mistake of not being clear enough when I am writing about something because I never know what extent of detail I need to explain something. I encourage you to reach out and ask questions. Sometimes we are busy and can't answer - thats ok - but if it seems like a tidbit of knowledge that you would like to add as a personal truth for yourself, research your own information and ask for alternate opinions.

Does that seem like a lot of work? Sure, it can be.. but you'll save a lot of money and perhaps better your health in the long run if you do.


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