AN OPEN BOOK - A look into my own health

I want to share with you a bit about my own health journey and why I am here, cultivating the Integrative Health practise as I am at Inward to Ithaka.

My story started with me getting sick, really sick - and often. It started with the constant flu's, repetitive strep throat, and a weak immune system. It evolved into cancer warnings, cysts, stomach issues, skin itchiness, endometriosis, chronic fatigue and of course, paired with a mental rollercoaster - but by looking at me, not many of you would have known that.

My journey started with me understanding that I knew very little when it came to my health and my body, and that I must know more if I want to choose a healthier, happier path to be on. Fast forward years ahead and I am here. Feeling fantastic in comparison, and yet, not good enough.

I worked very hard for a long time to rebalance my body. I was able to remove almost all symptoms of endometriosis, I have next to no monthly cramps, my cells went from precancerous to completely normal, the itchiness in my skin went away, I have more energy then ever before and I am free of cysts (hurray!!). I have even curbed getting sick to once a year and haven't had strep throat in close to 6 or 7 years now! This to me is a BIG win. I had all of these things removed and my life was feeling like I was on the right track, but then I got pregnant and to be completely honest, I have been feeling off since then. In some ways, I know my own health inquiries and struggles have allowed me to be better at my job and for that I am grateful. I truly don't mind going down this path of intertwining hurt and healing if I know it will be benefiting others out there. The important part here is that I do go down this path, because to me, I believe I can and should feel better than this on a consistent basis, and not intermittent. I believe in a sense of feeling unblocked and energized.

Post-partum has left me feeling like I need to revamp and relearn the new inner workings of my body. I recognize the change that has occurred, and what once worked for me no longer is. Its time to listen, and switch things up!

So what symptoms am I listening to? What words am I hearing? My body is telling me, that I am living an exceptional life right now, balancing when I can, exercising and eating right 98% of the time. Yet, I only have a 7 (out of 10) for energy. That to me is a sign. My headaches have been increasing, something I got rid of completely for quite some time before ever getting pregnant, and something that has returned on a too often basis. That is a sign. My sex drive has dropped. I used to want nothing more than to be wrapped up in my husbands arms, and while I see and acknowledge attraction, I have a hard time physically connecting on a constant basis. That is a sign. I thought my hair was being damaged, feeling thin from too much dying, and so I let it grow. And while it grows and grows and grows, it does not get any ticker. That is a sign. Lack of sleep when I shouldn't have that big of an issue? Sign.

I hear this all the time "but they were so healthy, and they still got sick". I would caution those who say this because you never know where someone is coming from and how far they have gone, what they are being exposed to, genetics, etc. We are all on our own path and the importance here is to be supportive, no matter where we are on that individual journey.

Which direction are these signs pointing me to? The path of elimination I am choosing to take are:

1) Hormonal imbalance

2) Espteinn-Barr Virus (detoxing route)

3) Candida

4) Structural - muscular tension leads to lack of sleep, TMJ issues, lack of sleep leads to other symptoms etc.

Everyone needs help every once in a while. It is also nice to have someone from the outside looking in, so I will be reaching out to get some guidance moving forward.

I was thinking of taking the GP route - which I have been trying to do, but sadly feeling like it is going nowhere. When waiting for a specialist to consult hormones I am on a 6 month wait list and still haven't been called to book an appointment. I am therefore deciding I will be speaking to a Naturopath further, because I am choosing to speed up my process and discovery for healing. I will be taking a hormonal test, and perhaps candida to try and deduce which one would be best to focus on.

You will see that I will be posting a lot more about tests upcoming, showing the benefits of paying for further tests, and taking health into your own hands. This is part of the reason WHY I want to become a naturopath. To further understand the workings of my own body. To help other people understand theirs.

I was honestly hoping to be in school by now and therefore, be able to do all of these tests through the program, but alas! I am waiting until next September and quite frankly do not feel like sifting through everything until then, which again is just my choice.

Some days I feel like a million bucks, and other days less so. While some may say "you don't have to feel great every day" I will choose to think otherwise. I do believe I can feel good every day. I do believe that there is a standard of energy I want to achieve as a norm. I do believe in making the conscious choices and efforts to get to those states of energy and contentment. As I take steps forward in my life, I say "is this making me feel better or worse"? I have come to a place where I no longer want to feed myself (emotional, physical, spiritual..etc) anything that makes me feel worse. To acknowledge, and define this within myself makes me feel so excited for the journey ahead. It makes me feel empowered, and a little bit more energized already. I see my destination and have made it known. Now its time to climb.


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