The reason why I have drifted into "mental work", is because it has everything to do with my outlook, my personal wealth and my happiness at this present time. I feel good at where my life is right now. I have evolved through confusion, self-hate and negative or unconscious self and instead vibrate on a level of joyously knowing that I will always be working on myself. Most importantly, I am not longer in a depressive fog, and physically feeling like garbage, which is something I struggled with for a long time. The best part about healing myself is that it is contagious! When I started to understand how to let information in, how to process it and apply it to my life, things started to pick up on a momentous scale.

The key for me was learning from my mistakes (quickly), others mistakes, and taking action to correct my path and vision. This does not occur - unless you are able to discipline your mind. What happens to children when they are left unattended, unloved, judged, and left to their own devices? As adults, many of us can answer that question, but also specifically point out the childish traits that have still stuck with us over the years.

If you are truly in search of change, you must make self-discipline the forefront of your priorities. When the mind is unwilling to take on personal responsibilities it results in overeating, inability to prioritize time, lack of motivation and focus, and indulgence in personal saboteurs - to name a few. Self destructive patterns will play on repeat resulting in an inability to redefine oneself and work on personal growth.

Do you find yourself wondering why things are always happening to you? It is probably because you are not taking charge of life. We ARE the authors of our own lives and divinity works through us, but it can't happen if we sit still. While we may not be able to change external circumstances, we sure as hell can change internal ones, so if you are wanting to lose 10 lbs, 20, 70 even, save for a down payment, or be in a committed relationship - look at what it all has in common? Discipline of the mind.

Start your inward journey today and stop waiting for the "right time". How do you do it? It looks different for each person. Part of my job is to help you find that answer by analyzing your current life, health and spiritual needs and giving you suggestions to try. What matters however, is that you take the information provided and learn from it, grow from it and implement it into your life.

I was asked what some of my personal tricks were for self discipline so I will share them with you:

*Meditation - I do this to rein myself in, to check in and see where my mind is wandering and to keep me grounded. Doing it once and a while will not help in terms of mental discipline. It must be done every day for me to see results.

*Blind faith - I call this blind faith but really it is just shutting the brain off and letting myself go on autopilot. It is deciding in yourself what is true, what needs to happen, and then blocking the mental chatter. It is about putting one foot in front of the other and trying not to think about what will happen, has happened, and instead focus on getting things done.

*Ritual - rituals help me stay grounded in myself so that I don't fall off of what I need to accomplish. It keeps me open and flexible to how I achieve my goals and it forces me to be honest with myself. When my rituals start to falter it is the first sign that I am becoming out of balance.Why? Because they are only 5-10 minutes in length and there is no one in this world that can say they don't have time for that. If I cannot take 5 minutes for myself, for intention in the morning, then I will have a tough time keeping my boundaries and goals set throughout the day.

*Planning - without a plan I will fall flat on my face. When I need to refocus it turns from a task list to a time list and I start tracking what I am doing in a day. This mentally restarts me and gets me checking in on myself on a regular basis. I am less likely to zone out and lose time to random things that are not important in my life right now.

The reason I do all of these things is because I personally do not want to be the same person I was now - a year from now. I want to continually change and develop not only for me but for my son, for my husband and for the future generations. I want to learn how to have constant vibrant energy in a toxic world. I want to make deep, close friends in a place that is becoming even more disconnected. I want to have mental strength and clarity during a rise of mental health problems and I want to be happy - because this might be the only life I ever live.


Make a decision of who you want to be today. What are your reasons for change? Or perhaps why haven't you? Take charge of your life in this moment and discipline the mind.


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