Full Moon Meditation Guide

As we begin to close out on another month, we welcome in the full moon and lunar eclipse that will be with us this evening, July 27 2018. If your question is, "how can I make the best use of this energy that is around me to set my intention and focus for the upcoming months" - I will show you a way to find those answers.

Start by finding a place/space you feel comfortable in so that you can guide yourself through an active meditation of self love. I often recommend cleaning or cleansing the space beforehand whenever possible. Paolo Santo, Sage, Ylang Ylang are great assistants in this process; but if you don't have anything - dont sweat it! Do a mental cleanse that puts you in a blanket of white light.

1) Begin with reflection - look at your life this past month and start writing a list of what you feel was done the best and what you feel needs work. If you are not looking to find areas of improvement it will be difficult to maximize the self growth that is possible. Note: This is not the time to be dwelling on the past and amplifying feelings of regret, guilt or uncertainty, but instead a time to step outside of yourself and look at things for what they are - experiences.

2) Self Awareness - next, it is important to check into your current state of being. How are you feeling? Where is there tension? Address those two areas first; it is important to tune into yourself so that you can be on a better frequency because what you put out is what you will attract at this time.

This is the reason why I will often listen to music to begin with or get out in nature so that I can get myself "tuned in". I find what makes me smile and I harness it. To me, it is important that I approach my meditations from a place of happiness and contentment therefore I recommend you to do whatever gets you feeling grounded. This does not mean I neglect feelings of sadness or in my current state - grievances, but if what I need is to cry out to release then you can bet I will be doing it! I will ugly cry until I let out every last tear drop with a big sigh of relief, allowing myself to once again access that loving energy that is inside of me.

Here are a few items I use to tune in:

*Tibetan Singing Bowl

*Music - almost always instrumental (Nicola Cruz, boiler room Tulum - Atlantis Child, Asura - Aukai - to name a few)

*Japa Meditation (this is one of my favourites, essentially repeating mantras)

3) Freedom of Movement - In my world, meditation does not always look like me sitting on a pillow and when the music plays you can bet my body is rocking and swaying to it. To release and let your intuition take over is key. In many ancient tribes, dance was a form of accessing other realms and a way to reach wisdom from the ancestors. So in this aspect I beg you - do not let insecurities stop you from tuning into yourself. Let go and let god take over.

If your body says "come walk with me", if your soul says "move your hips to the sound" and if your mind says "lets lay flat on our back so I don't have to deal with the kinks and discomfort as a distraction" then listen to it! Start where you need to start and work from there. Let go of what things "should" look like and embrace it for what it is.

Note however, that meditation is an exercise for the mind and your brain -so just like any other part on your body - it needs to also do pushups in order to get stronger. Repetition and consistency will be what gets you feeling better about the whole process and more in tune. As things get easier you will be able to push your boundaries of what your capable of in this realm. We don't become an olympic swimmer overnight and when I sit on my mat I sure as heck do not all of a sudden become a Tibetan Monk - but saying that, we can always work to become a better version of ourselves if we so choose.

4) Harnessing Energy - Have you ever felt so good that you get goosebumps? Or loved someone so much you could feel your heart growing inside of you? That is the kind of energy I try to focus on and maintain through my own meditation practice. It is in those times and energetic states that I am graced with the answers I am looking for. This is also why I find it so important to choose your intention ahead of time. To have it set, say it out loud and then leave it there.

There is no need to try and carry things along with you throughout this meditation. We live in a world where the universe is listening so it is important to trust its process. When you surrender your intention, you then have time to focus on your state of being - aka live in the moment.

I was asked the question "how do you stop your monkey mind from wandering" and that is exactly how. By focusing less on the what and why, and instead - tuning into the feeling that is inside of me and recreating it over and over and over again.

If you are lost on how here are a few tricks:

*Sit with a smile - seriously, hold a big smile and keep it there. You will slowly watch your body and attitude shift in a congruent state

*Think of a time when you were happiest. Recreate in your mind, the smell, the taste, the sounds, the feelings. Once that memory has been matched with the vibration try and maintain it by pouring more love into yourself.

*Find music that makes you feel good, listen to your favourite poet.. start chanting out your own words until you catch that mood!

*Hum. Use your vocal cords to send vibration through your body and do it at different pitches until you find one that says "ohhh yeah - right here". Hum until you've harnessed the energy you are creating.

5) Back to reality - There is no right or wrong way to close a meditation session; but I will often choose gratitude as my vessel home. I heard a quote say "if you only woke up with the things you were grateful for, what would you have"... I take this and run with it - listing off all of the items in this world that I am grateful for, all the way from people I know to the food I eat to the ground I walk on. This really is endless.

Other-times, my heart just says "ok we're done".. as unglamorous as that may seem! If I were to stretch it on at that point I would only be torturing myself. Its all about tuning in. Meditations for me can last anywhere from 20 minutes to 60 minutes depending on my focus and feeling at that present time.

This is all about feeling what your body has to say. That is the most important part - COMMUNICATION aka improving your intuition. You are accessing the parts of yourself that are being neglected. You are amplifying the parts of yourself that are open and in tune with your higher self. And actively working to walk ahead in this life instead of in circles. Meditation is merely a guide and tool to keep you grounded so that you do not continue to live life with a blindfold.

It is a way to remember that magic that is inside of you. That is inside of everyone.


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