Let Me Be Your Constant

One of the motto's I have been following in my life lately is "Be The Change". When I see something in this world I really don't like, I am trying to do something about my lifestyle to change it.

Today, I tried to book an appointment at TD Canada Trust with my financial advisor. Apparently she is no longer at that branch and has referred me to someone new. This is now my 4th financial advisor now at TD in the last year. One of them dropped the ball on all of my paperwork and cost me money, the bank just washed their hands of it, much like I am sure the employee did as well because he no longer cared at one point due to the fact that he was no longer going to be employed with them.

Have you experienced a situation like this? How about the time I went to the doctor, except I am no longer with that doctor because they moved, or how medical records all get mixed and jumbled up because you have a million different people who specialize in a million different things but do not tend to talk to each other about it all.

It makes me think about my jobs in the past. How many have I had?? ... A lot. How many places have a moved??? A lot... How much consistency have I had in my life?? Almost none, and yet here I am, now deciding that I want to end that streak.

People desire the ability to trust in someone. To have consistency, grounding and connection. In a world that is offering none of this, I want to be that someone. I want to make a promise to you today, that if you EVER need help with nutrition, fitness, pre/post natal support or your overall health that you can come to me. I want to be your constant in the world of uncertainty, even if it is just in one small area. That you never have to wonder who you can talk to when your energy and mood is low, when you are sick or when no one is listening to your health concerns. If I cannot personally help you, I promise to direct you to someone who can. I will advocate for your health and remind you of how important you are. That together we will walk down the winding road that is your own individual plan and inner ecosystem until you are ready for the next steps on your own. Together we will and can, make things happen.

Are you ready to connect today??


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