A Quick Guide to Planning for 2018

Happy New Years - to all of my beautiful friends and family, strangers and soul mates I have met along the way. Thank you for your love and support this year, and all the years past. I have nothing but love and gratitude to send your ways as we all close out 2017.

I would like to share with you what my evening is going to look like. I have spent time this last week reflecting on my year and cutting things down into categories; something I would highly recommend in planning for your 2018.

Mine specifically is broken down in compartments of what I would like to see more of in 2018. Feel free to use this as a guide in personal reflection if you otherwise do not have one:

ME: (Below are just some questions you can use to help answer the "what do I want" question in each category)

*Emotionally - what areas do you feel out of balance? how can you regain control of your emotions or in a more constant state of happiness? What can I do this year to help realign myself?

*Spiritually - Am I missing out on a spiritual practice? What am I passionate about (good chance the two are connected)? How can I elevate my energy into a higher vibrational frequency (i.e sad to happy)?

*Physically - What ails me? How can I fix it? What will bring me more energy? What areas need work - is it balance? Endurance?? How can I learn more about myself and increase my fitness level?!

*Mentally - How can I strengthen my mind? Or perhaps do I need to soften it? Am I too stubborn or controlling about certain matters? What subjects can I learn more in? ***For me - a personal goal is to read a new book every week!!

*Intuitively - When were the times this year I know you were speaking to me and I didn't listen? How might my life have benefited from listening to my gut? What commitment will I make to my inner self and intuitive guide this year? How can I strengthen my connection and understanding with intuition?

Next I will be looking at my relationships. Nothing has made my life more fulfilled than the people who have been in it - therefore, I want nothing more than to learn from my past year and strengthen the bonds (or cut off some..) for 2018.

Friends: How can I be a better friend? What did my friends really need from me this year? What could I not offer them? ** I personally have chosen that I want to get closer to 2 friends this year - while not choosing who - I have let that be open and will be receptive to learning even more about those I am close to.

Family: How can I create a closer tie with my family?! How can I make them feel more supported and loved? In what ways can we learn to communicate better? What direction do I want my family I have created to head in?

Partner/Spouse: How can I be more supportive to my spouse? In what areas do I need more support? Is there ways we can motivate and encourage each other more? What areas needed work? In what areas did we excel? How can I create a stronger, closer connection to my partner?

If you don't have a partner: What do I want in my future partner? What will I not compromise about? What do I need to change about myself before I can be a better partner? Am I open and ready to receive love?

Myself: In what areas do I need to get to know myself more? Am I more often feeling recharged or drained of energy? What can I do for myself this year that makes me feel alive? How can I challenge myself? What are acts of self-love??

Lastly, once I have all of these questions (and more) - I start to plan out my future year in general terms of what I want to see in 1 year, 6 months and 3 months. This is a great opportunity to brainstorm and just write everything down as it comes to you. Once this is done and the time frame has been realistically projected out (key word realistically)... I start breaking things down into month-to-month.

Buy yourself a calendar - or just print of the sheets from online!! But what you need to do is plan out how you will get to each of your goals each month. The planning is what puts your dreams into reality, and you will often be surprised how fast you can reach your goals when you stick to them!

I personally, have made myself a vision board so that I can see my future more clearly. As New Years Eve approaches you won't be finding me out at the party, but instead creating a meditation practise to close out my year and welcome in a new one. While there is nothing wrong with the former choice of celebration - my personal choice will find me visualizing this upcoming 2018 with precision and dedication. To me, it is my way of making lasting change. I wish you all the best on your journey - do keep in touch! If you have any questions let me know, I am always here for you.

Live intentionally my friends - starting today.

So much love to you all. - XO


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