One of the hardest issues I find come up for both myself and clients is not necessarily will power of ones own self but will power when in relation to others around us.

What do you do when going out gives us little options of food choices? Or when you are invited for dinner and it doesn't work with your goals and aspirations. Or when your boyfriend is begging you for chocolate chip pancakes in the morning...... (recently an issue I gave into lol!) It gets tough!

I personally have to have the rule of no food in the house because if it is there I will eat it. While I am good at not bringing food into my house, I find it sneaks itself in through other ways. Whether its friends bringing wine, Grandparents continually filling our bags with chocolate bars they found on sale or my girlfriend and her damn delicious home made cookies; it is overwhelming and downright exhausting to continually be saying no.. so here is my plea and suggestions for you.

My Plea.


-Don't make me sweets

-Eat your sugar loving foods on your own accord without dragging me into it lol

-Mom, I want your cheesecake and my birthday is coming up... but please don't make it for me

-Just because there is a holiday once a month doesn't mean we need to celebrate with chocolate

-Boyfriend... IF YOU LOVED ME... you would not be eating ice cream in bed because "you've been in camp all week and you want it" when I know you have eaten dozens of cookies, eggs benny and whatever else they serve you up there.

What You Can Do:


- Start bringing healthier dish options to joint dinners so you know you at least have something you can eat

- Think 80/20. Do what you can 80% of the time but don't beat yourself up for the other 20.

- Say No. Say no to everything so you get so used to saying no that you are ok with saying "no thanks for me". I find that the more I say no and find other options the more it wears off on the person you are around. They will look at you saying no and why you are saying no and often adjust their tune. Don't believe me?? Try it out!

- Have snacks on you at all times. This is important and is supports your ability to say no! "Hungry people make terrible shoppers" so if you are letting yourself get to the edge of hunger/hangry happiness you will be more likely to give in.

- 8 times out of 10 if you are close to being home... going hungry is a better option than eating bad food. Unless you are doing this on a regular basis... in which case its not.. but if it is once and a while... just wait it out knowing you made the right choice.



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