There are times when will power gets away from me. When I have slipped and ate the wrong thing, or more so for me, it is coffee. Sometimes it likes me, sometimes it doesn't. I woke up this morning thinking "I don't need one" until I met a girlfriend at a coffee shop and of course said "medium mocha with almond milk"!

I am pretty sure I was thinking "matcha latte" but the words didn't seem to come out of my mouth.

Almost instantly after drinking it I came on with a headache. This tends to happen you see. My body has this love/hate relationship with coffee where I have to do some serious sourcing of specific beans and chocolate or I will almost inevitably end up with a headache from it or quite opposite of energized.. I will find myself instantly tired.

To save myself the grief I was going to cut it out completely, but I love the taste of it I won't lie. I hardly drink it (1 a day max... sometimes 3-4 times a week), so why does it seem to be so bad??

Simple answer would be every body is different, and my body (head) doesn't seem to care for it... even if my heart does.

So here I am laying on the couch, wallowing in self pity for having a self induced headache (which I knew could quite possibly happen from drinking it) and I kept thinking... well there goes my day. All I care about now is going to bed and sleeping off this headache.

In that moment I had a flashback of a conversation I had with a client where we were discussing pushing past the tired, exhausted part of ourselves and finding some strength in those moments to make some food, and support the soul and body in the best ways possible.

"GET OFF THE COUCH" I said... and started to meditatively cut up some pineapple and research yoga classes near me. I managed to find a 6pm yin class... yesss... so soothing not only to the body but to the mind! Add a heck load of water and I will be feeling like a million bucks after this class.. I know!

Ok, so even if I don't, I still would have managed to drink a whole lot of water and got a yoga class in instead of feeling sorry for myself and focusing on the pain. You see when we focus on pain, we will only feel more pain. I am not saying that it will magically go away (though maybe it will!!) but what I am trying to do is change my mindset that sleep is the only way my headache will go away. Change the pattern of "once I have a headache for the day - I'll keep having a headache all day long".

Don't you think it is at least worth a shot?? What patterns are you caught up in and how do you get through them?? I would love to know.

Until then, wish me luck! As I am upward and onward to my new daily adventure.

All my love - xo NAMASLAY


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