There is something about a nice frustrated feeling looking you in the eye first thing in the morning telling you to wake up and learn something! While I used to get... frustrated.. with "frustration", I have long since learned to embrace it with arms wide open.

The definition says to be frustrated is to be upset or annoyed,

especially because of the inability to change or achieve something; but since when did I give up the ability to change my mood? I haven't, and so I harness that feeling presented to me, and dig in deeper as to why things are bothering me in the first place. This releases control the person, place or thing has over you.

Today I learned a valuable lesson. Something that wouldn't have been learned if I just ignored my little frustration and kept going on with my life. The more I do this, voila, the less annoyances that appear! Adversely, the more I just let them pile up through my day (week/month/year), the greater the potential to lead to fear, anxiety and depression or..... a really crappy day! I'll be having non of that, so I personally I took the power away from the situation and gave it back to myself. Thank you!

While this may seem like a simple practice, it is an important one. Interactions that cause us to react in a way where we feel as though we are not in control are in fact, stealing our energy away from us. So the next time you are feeling tired, annoyed or frustrated, look around you and think "what am I giving my energy away to and where can I get it back from???" because after all, reality is, only you are in control of your emotions.


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