While contemplating doing a cleanse I found this old journal entry!

**Starts like this***

Best friend always does cleanses.. so I figured after a bit of a hard week I would join her in a wonderful honey cleanse. Results are as follows:

Day 1:

12:00pm – so far so good… but I slept in until 11:00.

3:00 pm – drink tea and honey.. not so bad

3:30pm – she tells me I cant eat anything on this cleanse…. I loathe her

6pm – I am going to die if I don’t have anything during my fitness classes (insert fresh squeeze oranj and apple juice mix)

10pm – go to bed… just go to bed

I was craving crackers like no other. I could smell all sorts of food and had the worst headache. This is the first time I have ever done a fast, and realized that I wasn’t actually planning on doing a fast but a cleanse, where I can eat healthy vegetables.. and good things… I have been tricked. But I will stick it out.

Day 2:

8 am - rise and shine.. I actually feel fine

10 am – say hi to my new friends living downstairs. They have pizza boxes everywhere with pizza laying out. My senses are heightened. I have to get out of there.

12 pm – Christina calls. She has broken the fast already. My thoughts??WHAT!!!!

2 pm – she picks me up… says we need to go to shoppers. Drags me into starbucks and orders my favorite drink. I hold fast, and say “nothing for me thanks”… she makes me hold her coffee…. Bitch…

5 pm.. I sit and contemplate why it is im doing a fast… I realize it was to eat healthy… and so I quickly reset my mind frame… I think that this has been enough time.

7pm – I happily eat dinner.

So funny how things change in your life, and ideas you previously thought were good, turn out to be... the opposite!

Ok, but in all actuality why do we cleanse? We cleanse because we have an overburdened body system, illness, or because we need to rid our body of toxins. That is it really... not because we want to lose 10 lbs, it "feels" good, or because its a new fad. When choosing to go on a cleanse it is important to be properly tested and do a personal assessment of whether or not it would be beneficial to your body.

Myself personally am dealing with a multitude of symptoms postpartum that I would like to address and have done the proper preliminary measures before deciding which way to proceed.

In general, our body's just need to have a live, quality whole foods diet with variety in order to feel balanced. Meal plans (diets), food restrictions and cleanses are introduced when we are OUT of balance. The reason why cleanses are so often accepted in Western society is because a majority of the time people eat too much sugar, and processed foods (throwing us out of balance).

So if you are thinking of going on a cleanse... just give us a shout! If anything, we can send you in the right direction for something that will fit your current needs and lifestyle. Something that will meet you where you are at and be beneficial to your body-mind-soul.


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