What is it like to get started?

To begin with you choose your "one thing". When you are able to put into precise words what it is you want to work on in the month ahead it begins to take shape, become real, and is therefore a measure in which we can rate your progress at the end of the month. Say for example, you choose low testosterone as your "one thing". Things we will address at week 3 and 4 are "have you seen your sex drive increase", "has there been an increase in energy", or "how much weight have you lost"?. This gives us a focal point in moving forward in the months to come as well as see all of the areas you have improved! You then will be emailed intake forms to print and fill out. We will guide you through this process and you will scan and email them back to us! Once we receive your package it will take about 3-5 days to return your program to you. At this time you will be scheduled in for a 45 minute phone call to go over in greater depth the outline of your plan, your body system overview, and all of the ways you can improve your health.

How do I pay?

There are two options for payment. You can either pay via email transfer to inwardtoithaka@gmail.com OR you can pay via VISA or MASTERCARD. Please note, if you choose the credit option there is a 3% fee associated with it. Additionally, we will not start on any plans until payment is made so if you become a monthly client we will expect payment at the 1st of every month in order to move forward.

What does it cost on a monthly basis?

Each month we create your plans with care and uniquely design them just for you. Along with your plan you are provided with implementation support for the month so our prices stay the same from month to month depending on the package you choose.

Is this covered by my benefits?

In some cases these services are covered. As certified nutritionist's we are provided with practitioner numbers and you can submit this to your insurance company.

I've tried so many things, will this help?

Here are the top 3 reasons WHY we make this work. One - Integration - at I.T.I the whole tribe works together to find answers, provide you with a plan and help you move forward. We follow the outline that two heads are better than one, so if there is anything we are stuck on we consult each other to find what could be the best path for repair. Two - Investigation - at I.T.I we take your health seriously, so you will find us looking into all areas of your life to get the answers needed so that you can continue your path towards living a more fulfilled life. Whether it is through recommending tests, looking at past health history, or current emotional ties, we will work to find root causes and assist in suggesting the best remedies moving forward. Three - Implementation - The way we design things is unique in comparison to other companies. We tweak and adjust your plan throughout the month (should you need it) so that we can guarantee that you get to where you want to go (**As long as you follow the plan**). While we are providing you with the tools necessary to move forward it is important that you make use of them and put it into action and this is why we support the implementation process as much as possible! To make sure you can not only see the results but feel them too, we will support you on a weekly and even daily basis while you reach your goals!

Thinking of joining the tribe?

I hear a lot of people talk about all of the reasons why they may start tomorrow, why they want to hold off. I hear their fears, apprehensions and often, lack of belief that they can do it. I am here to tell you that you can do this and that you must. Now is the best time you could ever choose to start. It is not just about fixing your digestion, it is about learning to listen to the way your body communicates to you and it is about finding the answers within yourself to live a happy and rewarding life. When you avoid living to your full potential due to fear, past trauma, or lack of self discipline/guidance, you will be subjecting yourself to physical illness, depression/anxiety, lethargy and feeling unfulfilled. You must remember that we are not all graced with the gift of time, and each day you let pass you by, cannot be returned. No more beating yourself up for it. No more negative self talk. This is your time to shine! Call your energy back, face fear head on and embrace it with a smile. We are not here to teach you how to fight, we are here to teach you how to live, how to love and how to embrace every situation you are in in a new light so that you may learn to love every minute up to the point you reach your goal. To feel inspired, connected and whole! Taking this step towards better health with I.T.I is very much about taking the journey inward and finding that everything you were meant to be, do and feel is inside of you right here, right now. Reach out. Call us. Connect. XO