THIRD EYE// Power of the Mind

The third eye (aka Anja) is much more than our ability to see visions and intuitive sight, although it is what the third eye is known mostly for. Anja is also about our mental and reasoning abilities. It is about what we know intellectually and how it influences what we believe to be true. In this area our life lessons can become pieces of wisdom and learning, unless we are unable to "see" their value and thus become out of balance. If you reflect on your life and find a continuation of attracting "the same kind of partner", being treated "the same kind of way" that is not respectful or doesn't align with who you are, or are continually lost in the same negative feelings, it would be due to

THROAT CHAKRA// Power of Choice

The throat chakra (aka Vissudha) is such an integrated area because it connects us to our power of choice and willpower. What we choose to say (or not to say), do or not to do is all here. If you are feeling stuck, or as if you have many energy centres that are out of balance begin by looking at your throat chakra. I promise you by doing this, many other areas will start aligning themselves and things will begin to fall into place. Choice integrates itself into every detail of our lives, and for that reason, all illness will be linked to the throat chakra. When we are emotional and mentally struggling with the power of choice we create stagnancy and blocks. I am sure there are a lot of you c

HEART CHAKRA// Place of Peace

I heard a yogi once say that it is believed the heart has the power of 1000 suns, and it really resonated with me. One of my interests in life has always been about where to get energy from, if not in the more conventional ways like food, water, and sleep. It became and even bigger focus once I had a child! Have you ever experienced a time where you lost a loved one and the world falls apart around you? You can't get out of bed, you feel drained... or perhaps its a devastating break up. Where does your energy go? You may also then have felt love. The energy that makes your heart feel like its exploding. In fact, those are the times when you don't have to eat, or drink!! You feel like you co

Solar Plexus// Personal Power

The solar plexus (aka Manipura) becomes dominant in our lives as we approach the prepubescent age. After all, we are forming a sense of self and figuring out who we are in the world, as well as how we want to be seen and percieved. Where do we fit, if at all? This reflects on how our ego's are built and how we develop our personal power and self-esteem. Can you bring yourself back into the early ages of high school? What was that like for you and do you feel things have carried into your adult life? Were you rejected? Bullied or the one bullying? What was your social life like and what did it consist of? While the root chakra associates to your tribe, and the sacral chakra links to the relat


The sacral chakra (aka Svadhisthana) connects to money and power, creativity, addictions (hello self sabotage), blame and guilt, control, ethics and honour and is a major centre of where our relationships with others develop. How do other people view me? Am I concerned about this? Does it become a focus? I develop my inner and outer feelings with the physical world in this space. Perhaps I am able to ground myself in the moment more frequently, or perhaps I feel that I create fantasies for myself to help emotionally cope! Lastly, speaking of fantasies, our sexual desires and sexual centres are also a big part of the sacral chakra so if any of these things ring a bell for you - keep reading!

Root Chakra// Foundations

The root chakra (aka Muladhara) is where life all begins and correlates to our physical family, feelings of safety, security, our ability to provide for ourselves, stand up for ourselves, and know where we are situated in our community and tribe. It is in essence our survival mode. If you are curious whether or not this could be unbalanced for you continue reading below! Start by asking yourself the questions: who cared for me as a child? who financially supported me? did I have to provide for yourself? is it hard to trust others? do I feel like I never have enough or that I need to constantly protect myself? do I feel grounded, calm and safe? do I have emotional ties to food? am I financial

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