12 Tips For A Healthy Holidays

Lets face it! Holidays can get hectic and we are often being asked how we can suggest ways to stay on track so here you have it: 1 2 ways you can stay focused through the Christmas season. 1) Try new recipes. Mac N’ Cheese? Hot Chocolate? Eggnog? Popcorn? Chips? Whatever it is, you can make it healthy. There is literally an alternative to EVERYTHING. Believe me I have looked. Experiment by making your favourite dishes and yummy treats using alternative, whole-food ingredients like dates, pumpkin, oats, nut milks, nuts and seeds, raw cacao, etc. Real food ingredients trump packaged processed foods any day. 2) Find your tribe. Find people who are serious about their health or who want to commi

Winter Roots// Supporting Digestion

As the weather turns chilly and the darker days are upon us, it's natural to find comfort in rooting down. Comfort in hibernating. Cozying up with a book and warm cups of tea and eating nourishing soups and stews. Root vegetables and tubers are my favourite this time of year, as they provide us with essential nutrients needed to connect us with the earth and there are a variety of ways in which we can use root vegetables throughout the cooler months. You may be familiar with the idea that we should be eating foods that are seasonal and local to you. It's a bonus if you can support local farmers at the same time. From garlic to carrots, radishes, sweet potatoes, ginger, parsnips and many more

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