Why I Feel Isolated as A Mom

Motherhood can be a very lonely job, especially if you have to do it by yourself, or if you feel like a one man team - but that isn't why I came here to write this. While I am often on my own with Zion (work away partner), it isn't Anthony's absence that makes me feel lonely or isolated - it is often the other mindsets of mom's. I don't know about you but I just can't seem to connect with many other women who have children, but dammit I swear I am going to find some! ... I don't know... maybe it is me. I have a gypsy soul, a love it or leave it attitude and can't handle small talk... so whether you're a parent or not it can be tough to make friends based on a deeper understanding and connec

25 Reasons Why to Attend a Retreat

Thinking about attending a retreat in 2019? Retreats are going to be the new travel. I strongly feel this is the case. Why?? Because I am watching as self-growth and self-love are being put at the forefront of our minds and I cant tell you just how excited that makes me feel! Ok, so I can't speak for all retreats, but I can speak for the ones I am co-hosting and since there are 25 spaces left available, I thought I would give you 25 reasons why you should be attending! 1) Rejuvenation - This is coming from a gypsy soul - travelling can make you feel tired. I know that people want to glorify travel and make it seems like they are having the times of their lives adventuring around the world, b

Call Me OUT

I am sure I am opening up a can of worms by saying this, but.... If you read or hear something I say, and you have a valid argument against it or want to know where I have found my information from... feel free to call me out. Yesterday I was reading a post from a Tampa Bay doctor I follow on instagram that sparked an alarm for me. He said "I can't tell you how many patients I see who are just like this... They have serious problems but their labs look fine. With standard lab ranges, they are based on a sample of people who have used those tests in the last year. Take a look around you and most people aren't healthy. Its normal for them to be on 1-3 medications so the ranges are already skew

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