AN OPEN BOOK - A look into my own health

I want to share with you a bit about my own health journey and why I am here, cultivating the Integrative Health practise as I am at Inward to Ithaka. My story started with me getting sick, really sick - and often. It started with the constant flu's, repetitive strep throat, and a weak immune system. It evolved into cancer warnings, cysts, stomach issues, skin itchiness, endometriosis, chronic fatigue and of course, paired with a mental rollercoaster - but by looking at me, not many of you would have known that. My journey started with me understanding that I knew very little when it came to my health and my body, and that I must know more if I want to choose a healthier, happier path to be


What we feed our children now will directly impact how healthy they are later in life. As parents we have the ability to prevent future illness and disease by preparing their bodies for life ahead. What I hope to give you in this article is an understanding of your child's health so that you can start building a healthy foundation today. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is viewed that children's bodies are immature and therefore inherently weak. By viewing your child as just that - a child, it may better allow you to understand the workings of their fragile body and immune system. Children are highly susceptible to diseases, colds, flus, allergies, asthma and much more, but when the root c


You are born into this world fresh, new, but have been given a random assortment of genetics that could either be in your favour, or against you. The second thing that is out of your control is how healthy your mom was when you became conceived. While it is true that a baby will "take what it needs" from the mother when developing in the womb, it is still very limited to how healthy she was in the first place. If the mother does not have anything to give her newly growing babe, then it is hard to be born earthside ahead of the game when it comes to health and trust me, as a species we need to start getting ahead of the game! Right now illness is on a rise in all forms. The National Cancer I

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