The reason why I have drifted into "mental work", is because it has everything to do with my outlook, my personal wealth and my happiness at this present time. I feel good at where my life is right now. I have evolved through confusion, self-hate and negative or unconscious self and instead vibrate on a level of joyously knowing that I will always be working on myself. Most importantly, I am not longer in a depressive fog, and physically feeling like garbage, which is something I struggled with for a long time. The best part about healing myself is that it is contagious! When I started to understand how to let information in, how to process it and apply it to my life, things started to pick

How to stay FOCUSED

The top reasons a plan doesn't work is that either A - it doesn't suit your lifestyle or B - you are having a hard time staying focused. These are two areas I actively work on with clients. The way I address option A at Inward to Ithaka- is by recalibrating your program every week, removing what doesn't work for you, and implementing more strategies for success. Not a lot of people offer this, and while I do hope this becomes common practice, I understand why it is not. It takes a lot of time and effort to not only develop a program for someone but to be continually adjusting it. The back end research and front end communication with clients take a lot of time and that is something people do

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