Something you may not know about me: I chew my nails. Not to the extent that you would really notice if you saw it anymore, but enough that my hands are usually around my mouth and especially at stressful times, or so I thought. When I was young I would do it so bad I could almost chew my whole nail off... savage I know, but I am giving you a picture of just how extreme the psychological link is for me. This has been going on for as long as I can remember. I distinctly recall me thinking two things when I was young: 1) When am I ever going to stop; and 2) This is what addiction feels like... Just over a month ago I had a client approach me about quitting tobacco and something in that little


Yesterday I had something brought to my attention by a dear loved one of mine, mentioning how I should think about my business positioning and branding of myself. The focus of the message being that I should think twice about talking about body image when someone would die to have my body. That I could be losing opportunities of new clients based on the fact that I posted my weight loss achievements with my shorts because other people with weight issues cannot relate to me. While I completely understand and appreciate this feedback, I am feeling called to address this topic as I am sure there are more people thinking the same thing. I could get into my past history with you today but I will

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