There is something about a nice frustrated feeling looking you in the eye first thing in the morning telling you to wake up and learn something! While I used to get... frustrated.. with "frustration", I have long since learned to embrace it with arms wide open. The definition says to be frustrated is to be upset or annoyed, especially because of the inability to change or achieve something; but since when did I give up the ability to change my mood? I haven't, and so I harness that feeling presented to me, and dig in deeper as to why things are bothering me in the first place. This releases control the person, place or thing has over you. Today I learned a valuable lesson. Something that wou


While contemplating doing a cleanse I found this old journal entry! **Starts like this*** Best friend always does cleanses.. so I figured after a bit of a hard week I would join her in a wonderful honey cleanse. Results are as follows: Day 1: 12:00pm – so far so good… but I slept in until 11:00. 3:00 pm – drink tea and honey.. not so bad 3:30pm – she tells me I cant eat anything on this cleanse…. I loathe her 6pm – I am going to die if I don’t have anything during my fitness classes (insert fresh squeeze oranj and apple juice mix) 10pm – go to bed… just go to bed I was craving crackers like no other. I could smell all sorts of food and had the worst headache. This is the first time I have ev


“Learn to say no without explaining yourself” I often wonder why it is so hard to say “no” to someone? My girlfriend and I got onto this discussion as she was struggling to find her inner-power to say “no” in multiple areas of her life. This can become increasingly wearing on your energy if you do not learn how to set up boundaries for yourself. In her case – she was becoming burnt out. Do you find yourself in situations where you are constantly being overloaded or boundaries being pushed? Maybe its at work, with family (as we are all aware of), maybe its in a relationship or with friends. Whatever situation it is, understand that it will continue to happen, day after day, month after month

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